So if you couldn’t tell… I kind of forget about the blog, lol.

I am the worlds worst at remembering to update the world on the happenings of the Forerunner Entertainment team. A lot has happened this summer, over a dozen weddings, I bought a mini van (I KNOW, I KNOW, but it’s actually pretty rad and with 3 kids, it’s a MUCH better family vehicle than my wrangler, lol.) we took a family trip to Silverthorne Colorado and I never wanted to leave!

Look how adorable my family is… It’s ridiculous.

Look how adorable my family is… It’s ridiculous.

Perhaps the most exciting thing, however, was that the photo booth side of things has REALLY taken off. So well in fact, that we’ve started to form it into it’s own company Panther City Photo Booth Co.

Still the same amazing wooden photo booth you all love, the same amazing (and ridiculously attractive) owners, but with an all new name! This way Forerunner can be focused purely on the DJ and Uplighting side of things while PCPBC can have it’s own social media accounts without being drowned out with all the other content.

So, during the growing pains, PLEASE be an awesome human and go give the new facebook and instagram a like/follow at the links below!

Thanks for popping in to read up on what’s been going on! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some bats to hang, spiderwebs to stretch, and some pumpkins to carve…THE BEST 3 MONTHS OF THE YEAR ARE UPON US!!!