So you are officially planning your wedding day. You have quickly realized that there is a boat load of details you need to figure out from the floral arrangements, to the decor colors, all the way down to the napkins. 

Planning your day is difficult enough, then you have the stress of figuring out the PERFECT song for you to share your first dance with the person you love. We want to make this part a bit easier for you by showing you what our other clients have been choosing for their first dance. 

We are already halfway through with the year and I am sure Ed Sheeran will put out another 16 songs that will be straight up first dance fodder but here is our Mid 2018 top 20 countdown to the most popular first dance songs for our weddings in the Dallas Fort Worth area!

20. "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson


Now you can know what other couples have been choosing so you can fit right in (or know what to avoid if you are looking for something unique!)

Feel free to save this playlist and give them all a listen on your next drive across the city or with a nice bottle of wine with your to-be-spouse and see which song is YOUR favorite. 


Didn't see your song on the list? Tell us what your first dance song was/is in the comments below!