So, I might be an awesome DJ, but it turns out that I am absolutely dreadful at blogging, lol.

The past few months have been filled with AMAZING weddings that I simply forget to write up a few words about. Luckily, I always manage to remember to at least snap a quick selfie which I always post on our Instagram!

Tonight, I wanted to take a minute to type up a quick thought that is always weighing on my mind.

If you are like me, you are a SUPER sentimental person. And when it comes to weddings, I am always excited when my clients decide to do a Union Rite. A Union Rite is most commonly recognized as a Unity Candle. You have probably seen this at one point. One family lights a candle as they walk in, the other family lights another candle as they walk in. Then, during the ceremony, the couple each grab their family’s candle and together light a center candle symbolizing the unity of two families.

unity candle.jpg

This is great but doesn’t work well outside and can also be super awkward when a family has to fight with the lighter to work, forgets to light their candle, lights the wrong one, or worse… One of the flames blows out! (terrible symbolism fail!)

A similar variant is called the Sand Ceremony. This is done by pouring 2 vials of different colored sand into a center jar. (If you are religious, the officiant will pour a 3rd color as a base layer of sand symbolizing God being the foundation of your marriage. If there are kiddos involved, it’s nice to give them a color as well to symbolize their part in the family.) With the whole premise being, “what is joined together, can never again be separated. Nobody can pick out each and every grain of sand and split them from each other, just as your marriage is forever bound.

sand ceremony.jpg

I like the sand more than the candle because now you have something tangible that you get to take home and keep on the mantle to remind yourself daily of your beautiful wedding. However, the sand isn’t fool proof either. Make sure to take turns pouring layers instead of pouring simultaneously, otherwise it turns into a pretty ugly keepsake, lol. Also, one of my own best friends tried the sand ceremony at his outdoor wedding and the wind whipped the sand directly in their faces! This was a memorable moment for sure, just not the one I think they had in mind, lol.

For the more religious based, the most popular options by far are the Unity Cross which you can see here. The cross is assembled by placing the pieces together, then by inserting 3 nails to hold everything in place. Again, utilizing heavy symbolism of the joining of the families and being held together by religion.

unity cross.jpg

As well as God’s Knot, AKA “The Cord Of Three Strands”. Weaving 3 strands together symbolizing the 2 families joining together with God being the 3rd strand. Making everything stronger by joining together.

Feel free to think outside the box by doing something unique and more attuned to your style. I had a couple who poured some Whiskey into a “Unity Barrel”, then they branded the barrel with a hot iron featuring their initials, it was awesome! They ended up drinking it on their 1 year anniversary and I thought that was just the coolest idea!

Do a bit of brainstorming (or Googling) and come up with your own unique idea…I would love if you shared with us what you decided on.


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