So you wanna be a dj?!


Please read through ALL the requirements BEFORE applying for this job. I will know if you didn’t and I will not take your application seriously.


I’ve personally DJed over 550 weddings since 2010. I launched Forerunner Entertainment in June of 2015. Since then and have built up an amazing name for myself in the industry. I pride myself in our flawless reputation for providing an excellent service. I am looking for someone whom of which I can trust my blood, sweat, & tears and years of hard work in their hands. This job is an amazing way to make a living but if you think this will be easy money, you are wrong and wasting both of our time moving forward. It isn't just parties and “pressing play”. However, it’s totally rad and one of the best jobs on earth! 


I am looking for someone who would respect the fact that this is how I make my living and feed/support my family, and I need someone to understand the pressure in that we have thus far maintained a flawless 5-Star Rating across every review platform and expect you to care so deeply about this job to keep this continued streak of epicness going strong. 


  1. To bring an assistant on board as a paid intern which will come with me to my gigs to help load in and set up an efficient and clean presentation. You will then assist throughout the event with random tasks necessary to achieve a successful job well done exceeding the clients expectations. Afterwards, you will break down and load out all the gear and pack up to go home.

  2. To teach you the trade of high class event entertainment services to which you will then become a fully functioning DJ and go out on your own events, make even more money and establish yourself as a vital member of the team.

  3. Have fun, make money, and change peoples lives!


•You MUST be available on weekends, this type of job requires sacrifice of Saturdays and some Sundays and Fridays on occasion. With this, comes the reward of having almost all your weekdays open throughout the year...Nice trade off, yeah? We think so too!

(More often than not, you will know your schedule months in advance, so you can plan events/trips accordingly. Talk about job security!)

•You MUST be able bodied to lift 50+ lbs. Lots of bending and lifting necessary, sometimes carrying gear across venues/upstairs through the heat and freezing temperatures and whatever else the event may bring. Basically, what I’m saying is that dudes who skip arm day needn’t apply.

•You MUST be able to present yourself well. This means being able to clean up nice with a suit and tie, or at the minimum; dress pants, button up shirt, and a tie. Be well spoken face to face as well as on the microphone to hundreds of guests. No cussing, no drinking, no smoking on/before the job, period (What you do on your own time is completely up to you and none of our business).

•You MUST realize that this specification is a hidden message to inform you to read through the rest of this proposal and when you submit your application, you must include a link with your absolute favorite video of all time on youtube. This way I know you have an amazing eye for detail and are great at following directions but also not afraid to make big decisions.

•You MUST realize that the most important of all specifications is that you simply don’t have the option of “calling in sick”. I know it sounds crazy but I have had pretty much every sickness under the sun, as well as received terrible life changing news just hours before an event and still “the show must go on”. You can’t have a client reschedule their wedding on your account and you definitely can’t ruin it by no showing on them.

In Closing

If you made it this far and are still on board, great! There’s a ton of smaller details that will need to be covered, but we can talk about all that over a beer (or coffee) to see if you are a good fit for the job!


Fill out the application below and I will be in touch soon!

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