Motion Monograms

Forerunner Entertainment prides ourselves on providing truly unique animated monograms that you will not find anywhere else. Amaze your friends and family as they see your names come to life in this 2018 HD modernized version of the tired and outdated stagnant Gobo you see everywhere else.


Choose this for a more classic style featuring falling bubbles. Perfect to compliment beautiful floral decor and a precursor to a bubble filled grand exit. 

Grow Together

Choose this for a fun symbolism of your lives growing together from a seed of love featuring shooting stars in the background. Perfect for pretty much every scenario. 


Choose this for a more modern feel featuring twinkling starlight in the background. Perfect for setting an elegant and classy tone to the evening. 


Choose this to express love in it's most recognized form featuring falling hearts and a classy script of your names. Perfect for those who want to show their love for each other. 

Custom Order

For a few more bucks, have our graphic design department come up with something completely custom and unique to suit your needs!

We use HD 3D 1080 Projectors powered behind a brilliant 4200 lumens bulb that shines even in the most brightly lit rooms. Our projections can remain in true HD format while being enlarged up to 25 feet in size! Our monograms look best on a blank lightly colored wall but can also be projected onto dance floors and even the ceiling of a tent! Let us bring your vision to life to make a truly unique display of your love.