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Gig Log Episode #002 is now live!


Gig Log Episode #002 is now live!

That’s right, we’ve committed! 2 vlogs already in the bag and the year has just begun... 


I’m so darn proud of us...  being all responsible and following through... twice!


For real though, this was a ton of fun to put together!


We had the pleasure of working back out at The Piazza In the Village which actually JUST became acquired by the ever growing army that is Aristide! I have a few back out here for 2019 and look forward to seeing what changes (if any) they make to the venue! This time I worked with the awesome couple Michele & Matt Skladzien! 

It was so much fun and the cool part was that I was actually approached by THREE different people that had already seen me DJ one of their friends/family members wedding in the past! It’s awesome that they even remembered me (: 

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We look forward to sharing more insider videos, DJ Tips, venue tours, and helpful hints to the Bride-To-Bes and the Gonna-Be-Grooms!

See you guys at episode 3!



What do you do when you’re bad at blogs?

What do you do when you’re bad at blogs?

…Apparently, you start a Vlog! At least that’s what we are doing, lol.

It’s always been awesome hopping on YouTube and just diving into all these interesting worlds of people around the planet (I particularly like to watch this one dude that dives into rivers with his GoPro and just hunts down lost property underwater).

Aaaaaaanyways… We’re going big for 2019 and want to let people see some of the insider footage of a day in the life of a DJ!

Won’t you be an awesome human and help us on our journey to take over the world, one subscriber at a time?!

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Do this and forever be labeled my friend!

I guess watch the videos too… if you want.