Forerunner Entertainment was a long time in the making. Jeff McCune (Owner/Operator/DJ/MC/Male Model) started DJing back in 2010 while answering a Craigslist ad when looking for a new job. Jeff had always been an entertainer since a kid playing in local pop punk bands from the age of 15. Used to performing in-front of large crowds and enjoying seeking attention (See: Middle Child); transitioning into a Master of Ceremonies was a particularly easy feat. Within a few short months, he quickly became the #1 ranked DJ out of over 40 others in the company and constantly battled among the top 5. A few years and a few hundred weddings later, Jeff finally decided it was time to move on and begin building his own legacy. Thus, on June 28th, 2015 Forerunner Entertainment was born. 


In this short amount of time, Forerunner Entertainment has won several awards, made its way onto many preferred vendors lists, and has even grown by adding a few great and experienced DJs to the team!

A reputation has already built across DFW and the name Forerunner Entertainment is becoming a well known name among many in the Wedding industry.


Jeff is very much happily married to his high school sweet heart & wife of 9 years Mary McCune, who is the amazingly talented photographer over at Bodacious Boudoir. He currently spends his weekdays wrestling his 2 daughters Indie & Atlas over the last cookie, and obsessing over his Playstation VR addiction. He is also currently finding that he likes referring to himself in the third person. Did I mention he is ridiculously good looking?